There is a long tradition of thinking that chocolate is only a woman’s food, but that isn’t true anymore. In the last couple of years experts believe that chocolate is becoming a man’s food. In the artickle below you can find the reason why.


Chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or a personal occasion, sometimes it’s very hard to gift the men in our lives. Brothers, fathers, boyfriends, husbands, male friends are mostly not complicated, but that is why they are so hard to buy a gift for. For a long time now men don’t want gifts that are related with sports and masculine hobbies, but they like chocolate. Chocolate is reallybecoming a man’s food. Don’t believe me?

For a long time chocolate isn’t just a woman’s food!

Common knowledge is that chocolate is a woman’s food, because we are the gentle sex and it puts them into a better mood and improves their psychophysical mood. The experts believe that it might have a bigger effect on the male sex! It turns out that it can help with cardiovascular diseases – especially the chocolate with high prcentage of cocoa and a low prcentage of white sugar.

Mainly the real dark raw chocolate, na katero prisegamo tudi mi, je tista, ki najbolj ugodno vpliva na počutje, saj je izdelana pri nižjih temperaturah, zaradi česar ohrani vsa koristna hranila, minerale in encime, ki bi jih visoke temperature drugače uničile. Even just 2 pieces of this chocolate can decrease high blood pressure, decrease the chances of having a stroke or diabetes. In some cases chocolate can even boost your mood in the case of dealing with depression.


3 suggestions for a unique chocolate surprise

Nowadays we have a ton of chocolate options to choose from, but at the same time we don’t know which one to choose so we can surprise our loved ones. because of that dilema we made 3 chocolate packages that are sure to blow your brother, partner, father, friend … or any other important man in your life away.