Many think people who eat raw food are obsessed with healthy diets and eat nuts and fruit all the time. But that is false because even people who eat a raw diet want to treat themselves to sweets now and again and especially it they are divine!

Raw cakes could be called ‘live’ sweets because all the ingredients have not been thermically processed and have more enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients that our boy needs to function properly.

Why do the raw cakes get the attention of  all sorts of people?

Raw cakes most definitely have more of a rich taste because we can taste every single ingridient put into them, moreover we don’t feel bad or sluggish after eating them. Just the opposite! Raw cakes which are made from 100% natural ingridients are going to fill us with energy and lighten our mood, but most importantly they satisfy our need for sugary sweets.

Whithout white sugar, eggs, gluten and lactose

We could say that raw sweets are for everyone, they don’t contain any harmful substances and at the same time don’t include white sugar, eggs, gluten and lactose.

And even if you think raw sweets are thin, dull cakes, that is definitely not the case. For instace if you look at the online shop of Lizin vrt you will find a lot of different raw cakes just like organic raw barschocolatescookies and the best of all raw cakes, with which you can treat yourself without any guilt!