Raw cakes: sweet, but health beneficial

Are you one of the people that just can’t resist a good sweet cake? Trust us you are not alone. But perhaps you didn’t know that a cake like that can also be healthy and less fattening.

Amongst the healthiest of cakes we can definitely find raw cakes which are not baked. Their secret is that they are made from ingredients that haven’t been under a lot of heath so they still include all the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and nutrients that can be easily absorbed into the body.

Raw cakes, that are becoming more and more popular here in Slovenia, are the perfect option for people who can’t eat lactose, gluten, eggs or white sugar. they are typically made out of fresh fruit and nuts.

Best of all …

Delicious raw cakes won’t stay in your stomach or make you feel sick quite the opposite. Many people who have switched their diets to raw food have said they have more energy now. It can also lower the chances of getting a lot of diseases.

Next time you want to make a cake forget about eggs, flour, cream and prepare your very own raw cake and surprise your guests.

No time to make a tasty raw cake?

Even though making raw cakes is a fast process the recipe still has to be just right and the ingredients have to be organic. Not to worry now you can by a raw cake at Lizin vrt on our online shop. For now we only deliver to Ljubljana and on arranged dates to Maribor. Which organic raw cake is your favorite?