Chocolate heart cake with goji berries topping

Chocolate heart cake with goji berries topping

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NEW offer! Because they say that food is the best way to someones heart.

Chocolate raw cake in the shape of a heart with a smaller coconut heart in the middle with goji berries topping shows you the taste and sweetness you always wanted.

Choose this sweet surprise for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday party.

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Gift a heart made out of real raw chocolate and a coconut heart in the middle. It is topped with goji berries for a hint of sweetness. We guarantee your happiness!

It is enough for 6-8 pieces.

INGREDIENTS: indian nuts*, almonds*, coconut flour*, powdered cocoa*, cocoa butter*, agave syrup*, cold pressed coconut oil*, crushed cocoa nibs*, goji berries*, himalaya salt*. It can have traces of pistachio and walnut.