For a lot of us it is relly hard to say no to dessert after lunch or dinner even if we know it is bad for us. Processed sugar, butter and other ingredients used in baked goods don’t have any added value but they sure make up in taste. What about if I told you that you could eat desset after a meal and not feel guilty about it? How you ask? Well the answer is with raw cakes.

A short summary of raw cakes

Raw cakes are typically not made out of animal made products such as butter, milk, eggs and are therefore suitable for people who avoid animal products. Because they are not baked they still have all the nutrients in them like vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

They are made out of fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, honey and other non processed food. Normal butter is replaced with coconut or cocoa butter, white sugar is replaced with organic sweeteners. Raw cakes are healthy and delicious at the same time!

3 reasons to pick raw cakes

As the years go by raw cakes are becoming a bigger and bigger hit, not just because people are looking after their diets more, but also because they have more energy after eating raw food. Raw food is better for our mind and mood and can help fight different diseases.Here are 3 most interesting reasons why raw cakes are better::

  • They are full of nutrients

Raw cakes don’t contain »empty« calories, which a lot of other products have. It means that produce with higher energy levels don’t have any healthy nutrients. In comparison to other desserts which include flour, eggs, alcohol or other ingredients, raw cakes have more vitamins and minerals.The sweet taste of raw cakes comes from the organic sweetenes and fresh or dried fruit.

  • They are rich in protein

In raw cakes and other sweets there is a lot of plant protein, which our body can easily absorb. They are responsable for giving us a longer feeling of being full.

  • They are full of »healthy« fats and antioksidants 

In the past it was stated that fat is bad for you, but now experts say that we should consume the right fats. Of course we are talking about »healthy« fats, which include different vitamins and omega-3 fat acid. The best source of the fats are nuts, seeds and coconut oil that are in all of our raw cakes.

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