It is prove that a daily dose of dark chocolate is beneficial to you health and mood, especially if it contains a percentage higher than 70%. I f we look on the other side of milk chocolate it contains more added fat and sugar.

It is better for you not to include milk chocolate in your diet and substitut it for dark chocolate because the cocoa nibs used in dark chocolates have antioxidant propreties and can protect the immune sistem and slow down aging.

Did you know that 100 g of dark chocolate includes 400 mg of magnesium?

That’s right! Cocoa nibs are known to be a great source of magnesium and can prevent diabetes tipe 2 and heart disease. Cocoa nibs are also full of calcium, iron and phosphate which help with anemia and with potassium and copper which help with cardiovascular disease and heart failure.

Dark chocolate can really be tasty

You might not like dark chocolat right now because it is more bitter then milk choclate, but at the same time it performs with more flavor. You can find a lot of dark chocolates in Slovenia that you just won’t be able to resist! Such as dark chocolate with aronia and ginger , dark chocolate with real vanilla and incan berries in pa dark chocolate with orange oil and cocoa nibs, which can all be found in our online shop.

Have a daily dose of real dark chocolate

Studies have shown that dark chocolate is better for your health. You can have one or two bars of chocolate a day without feeling bad and will actually be good for you! You are welcome to come to Lizin vrt for sweet temptations without any guilt.a.