Package »sweet surprise«

Package »sweet surprise«

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An organic dark chocolate in the golden box is the best gift for a chocolate lover!

Is there anything better than seeing your loved one be happy? When you surprise your co-worker, friend? When you see the smile on their face? Let there be surprises every day because everyday is a sweet surprise.

And it is not a surprise that with buying this gift you save 8%!

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Because we love surprises, because we love sweet attention, because we love to have fun at Lizin vrt!

What a wonderful bite of different sweets. An organic raw chocolate in the morning with coffee, a dark organic raw chocolate before and after lunch, incan berries at a meeting and an organic protein bar after a run…. mmmmm and one piece of dark chocolate before bed – one for me, one for you and one for…

In the package SWEET SURPRISE you get:

3 x ORGANIC DARK CHOCOLATE – (chocolate mix)
*flavors: hazelnut/almond/cardamom-orange skin/orange-cocoa nibs/chilli
1 x ORGANIC RAW CHOCOLATE 75% – orange/cocoa nibs 50 g
1 x ORGANIC RAW CHOCOLATE 75% – vanilla/incan berries 50 g
1 x ORGANIC RAW CHOCOLATE 75% – aronia/ginger 50 g
1 x ORGANIC PROTEIN BAR – with fruit 45 g
1 x Liza’s organic pantry »ORGANIC INCAN BERRIES«